About The Community Health Collaborative

The Community Health Collaborative is an online community for Community Health Workers (CHWs) that provides evidence-based resources, continuing education, training information, and a social network for professional development. The Community Health Collaborative also provides resources about CHWs for faculty and students, employers, and licensed health professionals who work with or want to work with CHWs. The Community Health Collaborative is a platform for individuals to gain, transfer, and share information, resources, and applied lessons of learning related to CHW practice via technology.

The Community Health Collaborative develops and spreads the impact of CHWs in the following ways:
• Provides online resources that support and promote CHW practice
• Provides a central location to showcase CHW events and activities
• Provides professional development opportunities for CHWs which include continuing education materials, training opportunities, information for professional organizations and conferences, etc.
• Provides resources to health professionals and employers to support the integration of CHWs on the health team in the clinic and the community


To integrate Community Health Workers into health care teams and community situations to improve the health and well-being of all communities.


To provide open-source education for CHWs and health professionals working with CHWs, community connectivity, improved health, and life success for our communities.


“Provider training is important to creating a supportive environment for integrating CHWs in the health care team.”

UHCAN Ohio Report